Spend your summer in USA!


Close your eyes and think of the United States of America. What comes to mind?
Whether you think of the view from the Pier in Santa Monica as the sun melts into the horizon, a gently waving wheat field in Kansas, a towering skyscraper in Manhattan gleaming in the sun, visit the statue of liberty ,or to see the arhitectura from Chicago, you would be correct.
The United States is all of these things, and at the same time, it’s something a little different for everyone.
Even from its founding, the United States has been regarded as a place of adventure, of opportunity, and of the unknown.
Work & Travel is the best opportunity for students to spend their summer in USA and to live all the things mentioned above.
What do you get after you return home? You will have an life change experience, you will have met so many great friends and had so much fun with them . You will have great memories that will make you smile and think to go back in that amazing journey.
So… if you want to have fun, change your life, meet friends, discover a new culture and earn some money, you should make the first step and plan an amazing summer.
Stop dreaming about it..Spend your summer in USA!

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