Estes Park, Colorado is a small resort town, and is the headquarters of Rocky Mountain National Park. Granby, Colorado is a small town in the Rocky Mountains. It is about 42 miles from the capital, Denver.
Participants can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, zip lining, and much more. There are
also many festivals, shopping, museums and other fun activities available in both areas.

Type of Positions: Food Service Worker
Craft Shop Instructor
Recreation Attendant
Approximate Hours
30 – 40 hours per week

Starting Hourly Wage
$180 per week
• Based on a 40 hour work week
• Includes free housing and 3 free
meals per day
Employment Period
Start dates May 15 – June 15
End dates September 15 – September 30
Housing: Housing is provided by the employer at no cost to participants.
Quotes from past participants “We spent a lot of time with other
people from different countries, had fun, cooking, went hiking, traveling, attending national and local parks, etc.” “It was amazing! A lot of different people, cultures, languages, good experience in all the ways!”
“We have volleyball tournaments, international fair, and international dinner. I visited the national park, have dinner with internationals, hike the highest peak with Americans, and we celebrated the birthday of our national hero Alexander the Great with people from all over the world.”    town-overview

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